What homeopathy is not

Homeopathy is one of the most misunderstood sciences because of which there remains so much confusion in choosing line of treatment. Homeopathy is a 200 years old science and has faced lot of criticism since then. Sometimes it has been called “magical” and sometimes “a mere placebo” but it is neither of them.

  1. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT A MIRACLE MEDICINE : Undoubtedly, homeopathy has treated cases of cancers, congenital complaints but this is not a miracle. Homeopathy works on certain principles which have its own scope and limitations. It is definitely effective but not a miracle.
  2. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT A PANACEA: Homeopathy has its own limitations and cannot cure every kind of disease or ailment.
  3. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT SPIRITUAL OR MIND BASED: Homeopathic medicines are made through potentisation which cannot be measured scientifically but it is yet not fully understood. Recently, a group of scientists at IIT Mumbai has demonstrated presence of nano particles in 30C and 200C otency which puta an end to consider homeopathy as merely spiritual.
  4. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT THAT SLOW NOR IS IT VERY FAST ACTING:         It is not the action of medicines but character of disease which usually affects course of treatment. Depending on duration and character of illness, homeopathy sometimes gives very fast results especially in acute manifestations and in some chronic disease with advanced pathology, it may take time for a person to get a complete relief.
  5. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT AGAINST MODERN MEDICINES: Homeopathy is a part of medical science and complements any other science. It is just that it follows the principles of holistic healing and advices not to palliate or suppress a disease
  6. HOMEOPATHY IS NOT A PLACEBO THERAPY: Sceptics have always described it as placebo but homeopathic treatment results are reproducible, measurable and document which a mere placebo cannot do. If it had been a placebo, it would not have proved its effectiveness in innumerable cases