Transfat & their health effects

Transfat & their health effects

Tran’s fats are of 2 types naturally occurring and artificial. Food made from some animals or some naturally occurring fats are called Trans fats.

There are small quantities of fat found in meat or milk products. Industrial processes are used to create artificial trans fats.

Some companies opt for using trans fats as they are easy to use, faster to produce, in expensive and long lasting. Transfats are commonly used in restaurants and commercial flyers.

Transfats are not good for one’s cholesterol levels and also increase the risk of a heart disease or diabetes.

Foods such as doughnuts, baked foods such as pizzas, cookies, crackers, paneer, etc contain transfats. Transfats can be easily spotted by anyone just by glancing at the nutritional panels of the food packets.

Instead of transfat look at the following ways as this would improve your health:

  1. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains , low fat dairy products , fish and nuts would add up to a healthy nutritional content also lower alcohol and soft drink content in your meals.
  2. Use natural unhydrogenated oil in cooking.
  3. Consume more processed food with unhydrogenated oil.
  4. Instead of butter use soft margraine.
  5. Avoid commercially fried and baked foods.

Over the years consumption of trans fat foods have reduced and eating transfats in good quantity would have detrimental health effects. These fats are some form of saturated fats. Transfat also lead to inflammation which can in turn lead to other kinds of problems.

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