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Psoriasis is a common disease. Do not worry!! Read on to know more about Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy.

Psoriasis is a skin disease which generally appear on elbows, scalp or knees. Plaque Psoriasis is most common term used to describe red patches covered with a silvery white  dead skin. 

Psoriasis is a long-lasting disease but can easily be cured. One of the reason of multiplied effect is because people with psoriasis have an increased production of skin cells. Skin cells are normally replaced automatically every three to four weeks, but in this disease process only lasts about three to seven days.

psoriasis treatment in homeopathy
Psoriasis varies from small patches at one area to patches all over body

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis happens because of overproduction of skin cells. Though it is not genetically transferred but those who has a history of psoriasis in their family have a greater chance of having the disease. But some people carry genes that make them more likely to develop psoriasis. About 30% of people with psoriasis has a family history of diseases.

How do you get psoriasis:

  1. Sunlight: A bad sunburn may worsen psoriasis.
  2. Drugs / Medicine: List of medication that has adverse effect :
    1. Depression related medication
    2. High blood pressure medication
    3. Antimalarials: used to treat malaria etc.
  3. Emotional stress: This is the biggest factor of triggering psoriasis
  4. Smoking & Alcohol
  5. Hormone changes: The severity may fluctuate with hormonal changes. Disease frequency peaks during puberty and menopause.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

  1. Fleshy, dark red patches of skin
  2. Part of body where there are signs of of bleeding from skin
  3. Small red skin patches appearing after too much exposure to sunlight or after cut /burn
  4. Patches may develop on joints along with joint swelling, tenderness and pain

Complication if not treated on time

Delayed treatment or no treatment lead to:

  1. Thick skin with possibility of bacterial infection
  2. Swelling of joints, excessive pain in psoriasis effected areas, skin tenderness etc.
  3. Imbalance of fluid and electrolyte in extreme cases of psoriasis.
  4. It can cause low self-esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, social isolation, etc.
  5. It increases risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, etc.

Do not delay your treatment, it is easily curable, understand more about psoriasis treatment in homeopathy and take a right decision.

Psoriasis Diet

Diet plays a important role in curing psoriasis, the diet should include:

  1. Vitamin D : It is found that psoriasis patients have lower Vitamin D. So foods with high vitamin D content will keep the immune system working correctly.
  2. Balanced diet with lot of vegetables, fruits, grains, fats mainly from plant sources

Psoriasis Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers the most definitive treatment for this stubborn disease condition. Homeopathy targets the ‘autoimmune’ component (root cause) of psoriasis, NOT JUST its superficial symptoms. It brings back on track the immune system that has gone astray, thereby eliminating the root cause of psoriasis.

Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy significantly reduces the intensity and duration of flare-ups. It provides the most wholesome, complete and long-lasting solace from this obstinate ailment. There are many products available in market with labels like ” Psoriasis cream”  or “psoriasis shampoo”, they are just marketing gimmick to sell their products, they have very little success rate of removing psoriasis.

Homeopathic treatment is targeted towards UPROOTING THE DISEASE and ensuring health with no side effects. For prescribing to an individual, a PLAN OF TREATMENT is followed which involves:

  1. Getting through understanding the case which includes complete case taking (analyzing patient as an individual) along with patient history and family history
  2. Diagnosis of patient and disease
  3. Individual assessment of the case
  4. Prescribing the most suitable individual constitutional remedy

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