Prevention of flu this winter season

Prevention of flu this winter season

FluBoost your immunity. In this manner you will be able to keep germs away. Keep a healthy diet you will stay fit and also ward off the germs.

Check your feet whether they are warm or cold. If your feet are cold there are more chances of you to catch sinus easily. If your feet are cold white blood cells find it difficult to reach your mucus membrane of the sinuses.

There are instances found where people who have a habit of touching their mouth, nose and lips often contract sinus and flu.

It is also recommended to have allergy fighting foods in the winter season.

Flu and cold can be passed through hand to hand contacts, touching pets, etc.Washing your hands regularly and also scrubbing them till your elbow is a good way to keep of the germs causing flu and virus.

Include some herbs such as ginger which have high anti-bacterial properties and can keep away cold.

In winter when it is cold cover yourself well this will help you to catch cold or flu.

Get good sleep, have a healthy diet and a little exercise that is regular will refrain you from common cold and flu.

Getting ill often will affect your work and it can also be contagious for your children. Ensure that your children are vaccinated well. If you are having flu then Homeopathy treatment is the safest. For more information visit



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