Menisis tears and homeopathy

Menisis tears and homeopathy

A Menisis tear is a kind of a knee injury. This is a rubbery C- shaped disc that cushions one’s knee. There are 2 menisci in each knee. One of the menisci is placed at the outer edge of one knee and the other menisci are at the inner edge.

By balancing the menisci one should keep knees steady. Knees do not work right if the menisci tears are not balanced properly.

Meniscus tears develop sometimes when one twists or turns in a rapid manner, lifting something heavy or with a quick turn.

A medium tear causes pain either in the center or at a side of the knee. In 2 to 3 days swelling gets worse. The symptoms of knee trauma can increase in such cases when the knee is twisted or over used. If the tear isn’t treated well the tear can come and go.

Once meniscus is worn and one gets elder the cause of the menisci’s tear may be forgotten. It is seen that in severe menisis tear cases torn meniscus are moved in to joint spaces.

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