Homeopathy for Anal Fistula

Homeopathy for Anal Fistula


Anal fistula develops at skin near the anus or at the end of the bowel. Anal fistula causes bleeding and discharge as and when stools are passed.

The symptoms of anal fistula are constant pains that are worse when one sits, irritation, swelling, redness, tenderness of skin around the anus, fever, discharge of pus or blood.

Homeopathic medicines are known to cure the infection of anal fistula completely. These medicines are known to cure itching, pulsating pain, depression, pus formation, fistula alternating with chest symptoms. For more information visit www.homeosure.com, www.facebook.com/homeosure, www.twitter.com/homeosure. One must get in touch with the Homeosure doctor to know more about the treatment.

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