Common Headaches and its treatment

Common Headaches and its treatment

Sometime or the other we all have headache. They affect you at any age. Headaches occur due to emotional distress, stress, worry, anxiety or depression. Daily routine work, academics get affected due to severe headaches or migraines.

Causes of headaches

Improper rest, disturbed sleep, depression, tensions, etc are common causes of headaches.

A lot can be done to keep off headaches such as limit stress, proper sleep, regular exercise, healthy diet , limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol, etc.

In order to avert stress related headaches you can try out stuff like staying more organized, planning ahead, relaxation techniques, meditation, etc.

#0 minutes of exercising at least 5 days a week can help you to relieve your headaches. As you keep more and more fit stress is eased out, you will feel relaxed with less chance of headaches.

Daily headaches can be coped and managed once you have enough sleep and relaxation.

If your body is properly hydrated then chances of getting a headache are less, so drink plenty of water and other fluids. Besides it’s a good habit to drink plenty of water even though you may not feel thirsty.

There are fruits juicy and watery such as watermelons consume more of them.

Skipping of meals is not a good idea as they may sometimes lead to severe headaches. Instead set up a routine and fix up a regular time to have meals everyday instead of skipping meals.

If your headaches become a serious concern then consult your doctor. Homeosure provides an effective and a natural treatment to treat headaches without any side effects. For more information visit


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