Adenoids treatment with Homeopathy – Most effective treatment!

Problems with Adenoids? Then you are reading the right stuff, read on to know more about Adenoids and know more on adenoids treatment in homeopathy.

Adenoids are a part of the immune system present in children which helps fight infection and protects the body from bacteria and viruses. But the by age of six to seven they start to shrink and by the late teens, are barely visible. By adulthood, the adenoids would have disappeared completely. Although they may be helpful in young children they’re not an essential part of an adult’s immune system because of development of other immune functions.

It is very difficult for us to see child’s adenoids from our naked eyes hang from nasopharynx behind tonsils.

Adenoids treatment in Homeopathy
Adenoids treatment in Homeopathy is a risk-free treatment without any surgery.

Symptoms of Adenoids

  1. Stuffy Nose of your child
  2. Snoring and sudden absence of breath while sleeping
  3. Sinusitis and other infections in ears, nose and throat

If these condition is found in your child, consult your doctor immediately.


Adenoids Facies

Adenoids enlargement causes an atypical appearance of the face, known as Adenoid facies. Features of Adenoid facies include:

  1. Mouth breathing
  2. Elongated face
  3. Prominent incisors (upper 4 and lower 4 front teeth)
  4. Hypoplastic maxilla (underdeveloped upper jaw)
  5. Short upper lip
  6. Elevated nostrils
  7. High arched palate

Adenoids Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathy has an excellent track record in Treatment for Adenoids and helps to prevent impending surgery usually performed in these cases. Homeopathic medicines are natural, without any side-effects and completely safe for children. Adenoids treatment in Homeopathy is only treatment of Adenoids that doesn’t require any surgery.

Homeopathic treatment is targeted towards UPROOTING THE DISEASE and ensuring health with no side effects. For prescribing to an individual, a PLAN OF TREATMENT is followed which involves:

  1. Getting through understanding of the case which includes complete case taking (analyzing patient as an individual) along with patient history and family history
  2. Diagnosis of patient and disease
  3. Individual Assessment of the case
  4. Prescribing the most suitable individual constitutional remedy

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